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•            If the item has sustained damage in transit, or does not return as noted above, a revised refund amount may be required

Whether you’re shopping for a new outboard motor, chances are you’re looking for great value for money – innovative design quality and reliability. Zongshen- Selva Marine outboard motors Australia are a smart choice if you’re in the market for a new boat motor.

Down Under Group can offer you just that with our fantastic selection of outboards to suit just about any boat. Brilliant value and packed with technology features, you’ll love the power and budget-friendly price of your new Selva Marine / Zongshen outboard Engine. Selva strictly control their design and manufacturing process from beginning to end, from the very first stages of engineering, to the quality control and checks conducted on each piece leaving the factory. This way, they’re able to assure that what you get for their extraordinary outboard motor prices is an unparalleled great value engine that’s built to last. You’ll get years of use out of your new motor, even in Australia’s occasionally harsh weather and on-water conditions.

For more details about our outboard motor prices in Australia, or for contact information for your closest distribution centre, please visit the Contact Us page.

Customer testimonials

“Buy with confidence Down Under Group is a BIA (Boating Industry Association) Member. The BIA has a strict code of ethics and standards to be followed when dealing with customers. For your piece of mind, always deal with a BIA member”

“Many thanks for your recent advice on which outboard motor was the best suited to my tinny. The 15hp electric Start outboard has proven to be the perfect selection especially with dad’s crook back, great power but I would have to say how easy it is to start makes him smile everytime he turns the key. Thanks again for taking the time to assist with professional advice.” John R. NT. 

“Thanks for the great support your team provided. You are an example of how all Marine businesses should operate, which I guess flows from your experience and confidence in the outboards you sell.” Nick M. WA.

“Thank you for your excellent customer service, your communication like an in store dealer the engine arrived 5 day post from WA to SA :) as you said before electric start 18hp it was easy to use and operate, we spent Saturday on the water and the performance was outstanding.” Garry S. SA.

Maintenance/Tips: Zongshen-Selva Outboard Engine 

Zongshen-Selva offers you excellent service and an affordable outboard on the market today in its range. Zongshen-Selva Outboards will help you get on the water because of their Reliability, Efficiency, Affordability, and Low maintenance. Before using the motor carefully read and understand the instructions listed in the Owner’s Manual. Like any piece of machinery it requires careful and knowledgeable attention, and in return it will give you excellent service over the years. Below are recommendations from us to help you and your family, maintain and run your outboard safely and efficiently.

  •   Before First Use   Read the Operators Manual to fully understand your Zongshen-Selva Outboard motor.
  • Take the time to give your engine a good visual inspection and familiarise your self with its components. Ensure everything is in place – you have the safety lanyard and or key and fuel tank and fuel hose.
  •  When fitting to your boat ensure you follow the instructions in the operators manual, paying special attention to the height your motor is mounted. Too high or too low will be both dangerous when operating as well as possibly damaging to your new outboard.
  • If the engine is to be bolted on, make sure it is fitted by someone experienced in marine engine fitting or consult your dealer.

Measuring Shaft length/ Boat Transom

  • 15 – 17.25 Inch (380 – 438 mm) boat transom is generally suited to a short leg outboard.
  • 18.5 – 21 Inch (465 – 520mm) boat transom is generally suited to a long leg outboard.

Will the gearbox oil be pre filled? Yes, The lower unit gear oil is pre-filled at the outboard factory and checked through quality control in Australia.

Will my new outboard come with a fuel tank? Yes all outboards that have an external fuel tank application come with an Australian rated fuel tank and fuel line.


  • Do not use any Ethanol or Ethanol blend fuel. Marine engines are not yet compatible with Ethanol blended fuels.
  • Fuel grade recommended is above 95 octane for optimal performance

Two Stroke Outboard Motor Fuel Mix Chart

  •   “Run In” Fuel Mix 25 to 1 Mix = 40 mls per litre = 200 mls per 5 litres.
  • After “Run In” period 50 to 1 Mix = 20 mls per litre= 100 mls per 5 litres.
  •   Recommended Oils   Zongshen-Selva recommends you only use quality Marine Grade oils in your engine. Valvoline 2 stroke outboard NMMA TC-W3 (synthetic enhanced marine oil) Please refer to Operators Manual to ensure you use the correct lubricant for Propellers and Impellers.

Priming Procedure:

Important Notice Initial Priming of the Fuel; Loosen the fuel tank cap air valve.

Visual Prime Confirmation can be observed by removing the Engine Cover.

Please ensure safety goggles are worn when removing the engine cover to prime the fuel.
Pump the fuel to the carburettor with the Manual hand pump located on the fuel line. The overflow on the carburettor can be observed, if a tiny bit of fuel oozes or mists continue priming until all air is removed from carburettor fuel circuit.
Failure to remove all air from the fuel system will result in difficulty starting the Outboard Engine. If prime bulb feels hard do not assume engine is correctly primed it must be observed for the hole on the carburettor continue previous step
Tips for tough fuel priming or hard starting
Place fuel tank higher than the engine and let gravity assist yourself the user with the manual purging of the fuel system air.
Ensure Safety key is inserted onto the stop switch
Ensure choke is pushed to the home position
Raise Engine Revs on throttle control

First Use

  • Inspect water inlets and propeller for any debris that may have been collected during use.
  • Ensure Water Pump Impeller engine cooling operation by observing water pipe flow from rear of outboard.

Preventative Maintenance and Outboard care  

Flushing Engine with fresh water After use, with an approved flushing device.

Remove water plug and attach impeller flush fitting and hose coupling.

Turn on water and Start engine ensuring water circulation by observing water pipe flowing from rear of the outboard engine.

Run for 5-10 minutes to remove salt and debris from internal water gallery’s and ports inside engine.

Flushing engine after each use will maintain maximum performance and lifetime of serviceable components.

Important: Saltwater corrosion is a common cause of outboard electrical problems and failure with some simple preventative maintenance it can save you time and money. Highly recommended Spray marine grade CRC or anti corrosion spray around the engine to prolong life and reduce corrosion issues on electric components and parts.

Cleaning After Use, Wash down the engine exterior with fresh water or a mild marine rated detergent. Stand the engine upright to ensure all water drains completely from the engine. Wipe the engine down – including under the hood

Boat Steering kits

Boat steering kits are quick connect steering cables with stainless steel ends which enable the cable to be attached directly to the tilt tube on all popular brands of Outboard engines.

Type push in quick connect cables - minimal tools required. Cable connects via a quick connect hand pin that is easy to remove and replace.

Stainless steel cable outlet end minimises corrosion. Convenient 7/8″ tilt tube mount nut as per ABYC/NMMA and BIA standards.

Fits directly to Teleflex, Multiflex, Ultraflex rotary helms,Commonly known as Safe-T II, QC or Quick Connect, and 4.2nfb tilt or standard helms.

  • Specifications: 
  • Minimum bend radius: 200mm
  • Minimum channel thickness: 23mm

Cable type M66









Outboard Engine Warranty & Maintenance schedules

Terms of the Warranty are listed below:

36 Month Warranty is covered Australia Wide and is on the Motor, Transmission and Structural Frame
All Outboards are Pre-Serviced and run up for 2 hours before dispatch.
Down Under Group Marine Australia warrant that all products are free from defective material and defective workmanship through our strict quality control procedure in Australia.
All spare parts are readily available and we stock them exclusively for our customers. Parts diagrams available on website.(Specifications Section)
Scheduled Service intervals would need to be maintained during warranty period This can be supported by any qualified independent outboard mechanic of your choice and convenience.
Dispatch is always within 24 hours and delivery time is around 5-7 days to most locations Australia wide.
3 Year Manufactures Warranty
“Buy with confidence Down Under Group is a BIA (Boating Industry Association) Member. The BIA has a strict code of ethics and standards to be followed when dealing with customers. For your piece of mind, always deal with a BIA member”

Scheduled Service intervals

1st Service: 10hrs or 3months (Which ever comes first)

2nd Service: 50hrs or 6 Months (Which ever comes first)

3rd Service: 100hrs or 12months (Which ever comes first)

Then annual services from here-on in


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